Short description:Edit

Address: 124 Jefferson St

Contact person: Allen, 937-239-3158

First Impression: This is a pretty good sized space with lots of room for Dayton Diode to grow. But it needs work (not as big a deal for us as for the landlord) and it is out of our price range. I have asked the landlord if we could work out a deal based on our 501c3 status, and will hear back from him next week before the meeting.
Follow up -> The landlord cannot negotiate a month-to-month rental contract with us.

Cost: $1000+/month (does not include utilities)

Size: 2250 sq ft

Building Type: Store Front

Rooms: 6 or so rooms, including a largish room with high ceilings and several smaller rooms of various sizes. Includes bathroom and kitchenette.

Location in building: On street level.

Location Evaluation Criteria:Edit

(priority) Requirement:Edit

(circle one)Edit


(6) Utilities included (electricity/water)



Utilities include water, elec, and gas

(6) Climate controll (heat/AC)



(4) Bathroom


(4) Convenient parking


(4) Access, 24/7



did not ask, but presumably yes

(priority) Option:Edit

Subjective (circle one)Edit


(2) Centrally located (ease of commute)

Good enough

(1) Kitchen area

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all

(0) Partitionalbe (clean/messy space)

Yes, very

(0) Connectivity potential (internet)

Yes No unknown

(0) High cielings

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all In one room, and may be able to adjust other rooms

(0) Big doors

Yes, very Good enough Kind of Not at all

Insert pictures here:Edit

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IMG 4231small
IMG 4235small
IMG 4236small

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