April 2013 Minutes


Joshua Stultz

Joe McKibben

J Simmons

Rick Glitz

Charles Rockett


Del Stritto

JJ Krull


Mach 30 Yuri’s Night

Saturday 4:30PM



1.       Treasurer

2.       Internet




Treasurer ReportEdit

1415$ in bank today

-280$ for insurance

-80$ internet

-462$ rent, went up 7$

Surplus = 593$

14 Members currently

Internet ReportEdit

Current issuesEdit

Previous internet arraignment is not currently active

Currently own Sprint 4G MiFi

What should we do about Internet?Edit

Strong interest to get it fixed

Create wiki page for Internet search. Post info to it.

Collect info for next meeting to try to make a decision on internet.


Where are we going?Edit

Challenging Resources.Edit

·         Money

·         People Power

The DreamEdit


·         Tools, big and small

·         Killer App Tool or Piece of Equipment

·         Bigger Better Space

·         More Diversity (age/gender)

·         Cleaner, Brighter, Safer space

·         More involvement with outside community (Museums, Schools, STEM)

·         Help People fix stuff

·         More People, More Projects

·         Place to hang out

·         Where the robots know your name

·         Training on our tools

·         If we say we do it, we do it

·         Location

·         Tie Events into Website

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