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Dayton Diode is Dayton, Ohio's HackerspaceEdit

Dd entrance

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on projects - like art, hardware, electronics, robotics, and fashion. It is also a place to learn, work, teach, and collaborate on technologies, art, music, and community. We are in our first space, located at: 1001 East 2nd St, Building 100 Unit 2080.

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D8ndiode hackerspace pano
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Visit our Google Group for more info and current discussion threads

What's new Edit

New Survey!Edit

Dayton Diode is currently in the process of planning for the future of our space and organization. But we thought it would be good to get some info from the community to steer us in a way that will benefit everyone. So, we created the following survey. Please, if you have a chance click the following link and fill it out. Also, please share this post so we can cast as large of a net as possible. Thanks!Edit

Monthly Meetings:Edit

Dayton Diode's physical location: Edit

1001 East 2nd St, Building 100 Unit 2080 <links to pics and floorplans>


Quick Links:Edit


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