1. J. Simmons
  2. Neal Strobl
  3. Joe McKibben
  4. Rick Glitz
  5. Eric Hnyla
  6. Ken Bailey
  7. Ken Phelps
  8. Charles Rockett


  1. Reports
  2. Survey Results
  3. Strategic Planning


Treasurer Report:Edit

  • Brought in more money than expenses,
  • 13 Members - 2 x 2600
  • $2270 in Bank
  • $18 Extra this month
  • Reflow Oven Shield added to Stub Starter
  • Flip Chart added to Stub Starter

Survey Results:Edit

  • Based upon Zip Codes of respondents, we at present are situated in a good location.
  • Training - The biggest reponses for 3D modeling / printing, Arduino, Programming.
  • Dues - about 1/3 did not comment on the survey. Of those who did, about 50% said under $50.
  • Arduino, Electronics, Programming, 3D Printing & Computers and Networking are the most popular hobbies.
  • 74% need space for there hobbies
  • All respondents like to work with others
  • Desired tools: 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC

2600 Level Membership Approval for Patrick?Edit

  • Proposal to accept Patrick as a 2600 level membership, regular sweat equity required.
  • 7 People approve, 1 Stand aside. Proposal reaches consensus. 

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