• Check-In
  • Ground Rules
  • Agenda Review
  • 5 Minutes of Fame


  • Bank Account
  • Insurance


  • Membership Agreement
  • Hive13 Purchace Process


  1. Jason McDougald
  2. Jason Sanders
  3. Dean Shrickel
  4. Gary Turner
  5. Joe McKibben
  6. Greg Moran
  7. Josh Stults
  8. Bryan Fite
  9. Ken Phelps


Start: 6:58PM


What piece of equipment would you want in a hackerspace?


Medical Kit


CNC Laser Engraver / Cutter

CNC Router

Drill Press


Rapid Prototyper / 3D Printer


Bank Account:Edit
  • 1 Signature away from opening the account
  • Can collect $25 founders fee tonight
Insurance Search:Edit
  • DMA favorable to the idea of creating a joint committee to spearhead insurance search
  • Volunteers from Dayton Diode to help with this process
  1. Joe McKibben
  2. Greg Moran
  3. Bryan Fite
  4. Jason Sanders
  • Should we look at local insurance companies?
  • Greg will send out email to vounteers


Membership Agreement:Edit
  • DMA needs this from Dayton Diode
  • Outlines the Rights and Responsibilities of a Dayton Didoe member
  • Reviewed Hive13 Membership Agreement
  • Dayton Diode Rights
  1. Access to Space, Skills, Tools, Services, Classes
  2. Participation in Consensus process
  • Dayton Diode Responsibilities
  1. Collaborate
  2. Contribute
  3. Be excellent to each other
  4. Be cool
  5. Follow the guidelines of both the DMA By Laws and the Dayton Diode Charter also any applicable policies
  6. Clean up after yourself
  7. Be a good neighbor to the community

Other Issues:Edit
  • Address proxies in Charter
  • Policy for emergency meetings and termination of membership
  • Liability Release Form

Hive13 Purchase Process:Edit

How Hive13 handles surplus funds

  • They have spreadsheet of items to spend funds on
  • Members get three equal shares to use on these items

How do they handle dormant items?

End: 8:08PM


Rube-Goldberg UpcyclingEdit

Upcycle 1

Dayton Diode Upcycling

Upcycle 2

Dayton Diode Upcycling


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