This page is a how-to for using the printrbot at the Dayton Diode hackerspace.  It covers general things about 3D printing and also specific things about how our printrbot is installed and set-up.

How to Use the Dayton Diode PrintrbotEdit

CAM flow

RepRap Toolchain:

There is a good intro FAQ on the MAKE:blog.  Here's the basic work-flow: 
  1. Design or download (e.g. MrJaws on thingiverse) a part (needs to be in stl format). 
  2. Slice the stl and generate gcodeSlic3r is a popular option.
  3. Load the gcode to the printer management software.  We have pronterface.
  4. Warm up the bed (110 C) and the extruder (230 C).
  5. Print.

NOTE: There seems to be a problem with the thermal senser on the bed. This sometime causes pronterface to never start printing because it thinks the bed is not to temp. A workaround is to manually edit the gcode compiled by slicer. Open the gcode in a text editor and delete the line that says "wait for bed temp". It should be in the top 20 lines or so.

Printrbot Station 2 (IMG 1277 7.5x6)

Printrbot Station

Our "print station" has a computer with all of the software that you will need already installed.


Demo design step with free open source software.

Here's a sketch of an auto-transformer enclosure [XXX sketch here XXX].  We will demonstrate how to model this in several free open source tools. 

Photos and Point Clouds as Modeling AidsEdit

Take a bunch of pictures of the thing you want to model.  Then use open source tools such as Bundler and PVMS-2 to create a point cloud from the multiple views.  This point cloud can then be imported in to your drawing program to aid your modeling efforts. 

Daytondiode variable transformer00:19

Daytondiode variable transformer

Dense point cloud constructed from photographs


How to w/blender.


How to w/FreeCAD.


How to w/BRLCAD.


How to w/OpenSCAD


Slice the stl file with Slic3r.  Detail settings for our printer.


Print the file using pronterface.

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