1. J.Simmons
  2. Joe McKibben
  3. Eric Hnyla
  4. Charles Rockett
  5. Ken Bailey
  6. Rick Glitz
  7. Alex VanAtta
  8. Brent Kerlin
  9. Brian Cheatwood




2600 Level Application

Space Organization


Treasurers Report:Edit

  • Expect report Thursday or Friday


No money for stubstarter this week

2600 Membership Request:Edit

Brent Kerlin proposes as his sweat equity Networking type work plus provide documentation of such work. All in attendance approve 2600 level membership for Brent Kerlin.

Space Organization:Edit

  • Keep woodworking stuff in its own area.
  • Electronics in a clean area.
  • Dust Collector
  • Projection area / meeting area / class area
  • DMA Storage($)
  • Member Storage
  • Network Gear Storage
  • Small room could be used for Network gear
  • Small room could be used for noisey dirty stuff
  • Space for compressors
  • Food Area / Clean
  • 3D Printing area
  • Electronics work area could be close to 3D printing
  • Metal working (Smelting, welding)
  • soft doorways - plastic drapes
  • computer station - workstation
  • versatility / flexibility / multi-use
  • loft area - non structural
  • acoustic tiles
  • tool storage
  • group storage - mini mendelsons
  • roof space?? outside access
  • Common work table / island

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